"1. I’m proud of you, no matter what you do or don’t accomplish, I am proud.
2. You are and will always be loved, since before you were born until after you die.
3. Don’t trust strangers, with your belongings. But if you need someone to talk to, the guy sitting on the sidewalk will be your best friend.
4. Be careful, the older you get the more things suck.
5. You are beautiful.
6. Even if you think dying is a better option, please buckle your seat belt.
7. Don’t date your best friend.
8. Don’t date anyone that you don’t know well enough. Not because they will do anything harmful to you, but because you will talk through nothing but compliments and fall in love with some body who you actually don’t know at all.
9. Just because the girls in middle school are mean to you doesn’t mean you can be mean to you.
10. Hygiene is attractive and also healthy.
11. You should be your best friend. You have millions of little cells trying their very hardest to keep you alive, and you need to treat them nicely.
12. Don’t take your grandparents for granted, they are not your parents but will always treat you better than your parents do, they will also die sooner.
13. Crying is not bad and it does not mean you are weak.
14. Liking different things than everybody else does not mean you are less of a person than everybody else.
15. There is beauty in simplicity.
16. I do not care who you would rather be with in bed, I care about who makes you happy.
17. Music makes every situation better.
18. Be careful at concerts, but don’t be a pushover.
19. Don’t be selfish, but put yourself first and take care of yourself.
20. If you are lucky enough to be the leader of any situation, do not take that for granted or abuse the power.
21. Do not hit anyone. Whether they are younger, older, the opposite sex , etc. do not put your hands on anyone unless they say it is okay.
22. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.
23. Memorize a keyboard, you look smart if you can type fast.
24. If your best friend is bipolar and she is mad, don’t take it personally, she can not help feeling this way.
25. Suicide will not help. This is life, Hell is 1000 times worse.
26. I love you.
27. You are beautiful.
28. Please take care of yourself.
29. Write and read as much as you can.
30. Honors classes are fun, not hard.
31. Please do your homework.
32. Try not to stay online all day.
33. I am here for you.
34. You matter to me.
35. I’m sorry things are so hard.
36. Things will get better.
37. I love you.
38. The boy you have a funny feeling about, do not trust him. He will make you want to open your veins and swallow pills until you can’t feel anymore, but it will only make it worse.
39. I believe you.
40. I believe IN you.
41. 80s pop is actually amazing.
42. If your friend sneaks out, stay awake until she texts you that she is home. Even if she isn’t your best friend, make sure she is safe.
43. Don’t lie to your doctor.
44. Please use protection, you were born addicted to drugs and drunk and now you are sitting here with tears falling from your eyes and blood pouring from all 4 of your limbs and its my fault you are like this. I am sorry.
45. I will not hurt you.
46. I will not lie and hide things from you.
47. I cheated on him. and I lied the entire time.
48. When you are a freshman you do not need to date a senior. He will not make you look edgy. He is filthy and tastes like ashes.
49. cigarettes are not good.
50. Do not buy perfume because it smells like the one you wore when you tried committing suicide and when you put out cigarettes with the cut up skin of your forearms.
51. You are not a fuck up baby. You are amazing.
52. I will not pull your hair if you promise not to make a habit out of it.
53. Pulling out your hair IS self harm and that bald spot is not cute.
54. You have many soul mates, each for a different time in your life.
55. The band directors will always turn out to be your best friend.
56. I love you.
57. Don’t stop playing piano.
58. Learn as many instruments as you can, do not stop at 32.
59. Try to fall asleep at a reasonable time, its 1 am and you are tired all the time.
60. Do not ask somebody out if there is someone else on your mind.
61. Don’t commit if you can’t stay committed.
62. Falling in love is something you will do more than once.
63. The girl across the sea, with the pretty face and amazing personality is in fact your soul mate. But not for now.
64. Over thinking is and always will be fatal.
65. I love you more than you can imagine. I will do anything for you to be happy."

 65 things my mother never told me 


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If you make your child feel like shit almost everyday of their life you shouldn’t have the privilege of being a parent.

"I want to take good photos. Drink dark coffee. And travel the world."

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we need a universal hand signal for “my parents don’t know about that”